Secretarial and Support Staff Courses Secretarial and Support Staff Courses

While all of our courses are designed with the needs of the participants in mind, this range of courses has been created and designed for the unique needs of secretarial and support staff.  This is a motivational and inspirational selection of skills and role development programmes.

Personal Development Courses Personal Development Courses

Whatever your role or job title, personal development is key: from coping under pressure to developing new skills in a new role, or improving your confidence to take on new responsibilities. This range of Personal Development courses provides ways to help you improve performance and motivation.

Management Training Courses Management Training Courses

Whether you are already in management, or taking the first steps on the management ladder, these courses will help you gain and improve the skills to manage your people, your tasks and your team.  

Communication Skills: The Written Word Communication Skills: The Written Word

We use the guidelines from the Plain English Campaign as the basis for all our courses on the written word. These courses cover everything to do with the written word and improving the skills of using, writing, reading, understanding and proofreading “plain English”.  If you have never loved spelling, punctuation and grammar before, you will love every aspect of the content of our written courses.

Communication Skills: The Spoken Word Communication Skills: The Spoken Word

If it is important to have your verbal and non-verbal messages understood as you intend them (from making presentations to conducting disciplinary meetings), these courses will provide you with new ways to improve your professional impact.

consultancy Consultancy

While our core business is designing and delivering training, we are frequently involved with consultancy projects for our clients, in particular in our niche area of expertise in secretarial role development.



Your people are the key differentiator in an increasingly competitive environment.

Zee Associates will provide you and your people with a comprehensive range of practical, fun, memorable and relevant training in key aspects of business life, based in the real world, and using real-life situations.   

As a specialist developer of administrative and support staff, we are passionate about developing people and helping them experience those light bulb moments when they try a new technique or choose a new way of saying something.   They can then take this back to their desks and confidently use it immediately.  In other words, we help them be great at the stuff they hate.

In addition to in-house training, we offer consultancy and one to one coaching.   Whether you are an employer or employee, our courses will motivate, inspire, build confidence and develop skills.   We will work with you to continually raise the level of skills and talent in your business.

If you can't see exactly what you are looking for as you browse our training courses and consultancy we are always pleased to work with you to design something new and to mix and match content for you.  Please just ask.  

Once you have had a look around this website, get in touch and we can arrange to meet or to chat on the telephone.  It’s only when we do this that you will really know if we’re the right choice for you.

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Why choose in-house training?  

  • participants do not have to make alternative travel arrangements or take a day out of the office;
  • courses or interventions tailored to your culture and needs;  
  • priced by the day or half day so better value per participant;
  • focused on your specific objectives;
  • participants learn best practice suited to your business;
  • you reduce the level of risk to proprietary or confidential information;
  • participants feel they are not the only one! 

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