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Anthony Collins Solicitors

"Thank you for the course you ran here last week. I particularly appreciated the effort you made to tailor the course to our firm and I did feel the content was aimed at a very appropriate level."

What We Do


From the initial, no-obligation meeting, through to the change in behaviour or skills, Zee Associates is committed to meeting your needs.   Please get in touch if you would like to chat through your training needs and how we can help you achieve them.


While we can deliver 'off the shelf' courses, we much prefer to tailor the outcomes of our training courses to the needs of the participants. 

So, when we first meet you we will listen to your needs and discuss how we feel we can best help you achieve them.  We will check that we fully understand the people who will attend the course, and the outcomes you want, before we draft an outline programme.  We will also review the content with you to make sure we have it right, before we deliver our courses.  And then after delivery of the programmes, we will evaluate the outcomes.

There is the usual 'happy sheet' at the end of the session, and we always work with participant action plans and one month action reminder cards.  Participants are usually pleasantly surprised to receive their cards through the mail and see how much they have achieved, one month on.

We regularly meet our clients to follow up on any training we have delivered; to evaluate the training; and to identify further needs or consultancy which may be required.  We not only make suggestions for areas in which we can help, but also recommendations for other interventions that may be required.  R
est assured we will work with you at every stage.

Mix and match content

While our course outlines on this website have been designed to meet common or more usual objectives, please feel free to mix and match course content to meet your needs.  So if you like parts of several different courses, we are happy to advise on how best these elements can be delivered.

Course duration

Again, while the course duration given for each course on this website has been designed so that all of the objectives are met,  we are happy to redesign content based on how much time is available for these sessions.  This does mean we will need to work closely with you to pin down those key objectives so they can realistically be met.

A modular approach

Sometimes designing a programme or series of courses on a modular basis helps participants absorb a lot of information.  If modules are spaced, say, fortnightly or monthly, it also allows them time to practise some of the skills before attending the next module.  They can then share successes or remaining difficulties and these can be dealt with before moving on to new skills and new approaches. A modular programme also means your ultimate goals are achieved in stages with each module building on the previous one.

One to one sessions

Sometimes individuals need help on a one to one basis.  Maybe it is a confidentiality issue; maybe there aren't enough people with the same training needs to warrant in-house training; or maybe an individual needs help as part of the performance management process.  We frequently coach and guide individuals on a one to one basis in leadership, interpersonal skills, personal effectiveness, organisational skills and managing their teams. 


Read more about our consultancy work and the areas in which we help our clients.