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"Hello. How are you today?"

10th June 2014

"Hello.  How are you today?"  If you have ever been greeted with these words from a sales person either on the telephone or face to face, you just know it's going to be a sales pitch!  We have designed a suite of three new courses which we launched last Autumn:  Introduction to Selling SkillsSales Refresher Course and Objections are Good!.

We are all sales people.  Sometimes selling is also known as persuasion, sometimes negotiating.  But we are all in the business of selling: 
  • HR staff who need to 'sell' an idea or new process;
  • IT teams who need to present a proposal or project and persuade people to buy it;
  • PAs and managers whose responsibility it is to be first point of contact for 'lost' callers;
  • Call centre staff who handle difficult or sensitive situations and may need to advise a customer with another service, product or department.
These three new courses have been designed and are being delivered by Judith Di-Castri.  With her experience in and knowledge of sales, Judith has created a series of intensive, interactive and fun programmes for anyone who has to sell anything - whether it's a specific product or an internal service.

But the skill of selling is also useful for those in a non-sales role.  Those who, for example, having dealt with an initial enquiry need to be able to promote additional services and products, cross-sell internally or generate leads.

Selling is, of course, a very big subject and this new suite of courses covers all the essentials.  However, we can develop any of the five stages into in-depth programmes - perhaps as a refresher in those areas.  If you can't see exactly what you need, we are always happy to redesign or develop from scratch a programme that will fit the bill for you.

And we can adapt any or all of the five stages for telephone sales.  You only have to ask!

If you would like to know more about the detailed content or how we can tailor this just for you, take a look at the full course outline for Introduction to Selling Skills or contact us

Have a great weekend when it comes.

Des Whitehorn


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