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How to Promote with Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is infectious! The more you give the more you will get. When selling or promoting something –...... DOWNLOAD »

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Merry Christmas

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Participant, Wragge & Co

Since I have attended your course I have changed quite a few things both personally and professionally. It really made me see life and work in a much different light and people (including my manager) have already said how different I am and how much more professional and relaxed I am. Thank you.

Quick Guides

How To Manage Performance

An important part of the Team Leader or Supervisor's job is to manage effectively each individual's work performance and behaviour throughout the year. The same individuals need guidelines and to know how and when they will be maintained and managed by their supervisor.


» How To Manage Performance MFO Sept 05.pdf
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Proofreading is the final, key, stage of writing. You will have spent time planning, writing and and re-writing your document so make sure you also invest the time in proofreading.


» Proofreading July 05 JDC.pdf
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How To Participate in Meetings

Meetings often fail because participants haven't prepared enough. Consequently, meetings drag on and decisions cannot be made. To make sure you are better prepared for your next meeting, and to create a more professional image to your colleagues, follow the checklist.


» How To Participate in Meetings June 05 JDC.pdf
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For Secretaries/PAs: Developing the Secretarial Role

The secretarial role is constantly evolving and will continue to do so, especially as technology continutes to provide knowledge and power at your fingertips. Keeping up to date with technology is probably the easy bit. Making yourself more valuable and less dispensable requires thought, determination and planning. So here are the top ten tips for secretaries.


» Dev the Sec RolesecsJun 05 DGW.pdf
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for Managers: Developing the Secretarial Role

Secretarial and administrative staff can only develop and add value to the business for the future, if their peers, the organisation's culture and their immediate managers create the right opportunities for them to do so. So here are the top ten tips for Managers.


» Dev the Sec RolemgrsJun 05 DGW.pdf
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Being the Best IT Trainer

Whether you are embarking on training one person at a time, or a small group, the principles are much the same. However when delivering training before a group the technique is different and much more preparation is required. So here are the top ten tips to be the best IT trainer.


» How To Be The Best IT Trainer VFT Feb 07.pdf
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