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Participant, Saffery Champness

This course wasn't just about listening! With the small groups there was lots of participation. Such a great mix of interactive exercises and tutor based discussions.

Assertiveness Training

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is a life skill, useful both inside and outside work. However the reactions and behaviours we employ now are the result of years of fine tuning. Being assertive doesn't happen overnight, but the more practice you get, the more skilled you become. And while you may not always get what you want, you will always know you gave it your best.

Non-assertive people (both the aggressive ones as well as the passive ones) do not normally aspire to being excessively dominant people, and they certainly don't usually want to become bullies. When most people talk about wanting to be more assertive, what they mean is 'I'd like to be more able to resist the pressure and dominance of excessively dominant people, and maintain my self control and emotions in the process'. Doing this is not really so hard, and by using simple techniques it can even be quite enjoyable and fulfilling.

What assertiveness isn't

Assertiveness isn't about winning or getting your own way! We sometimes hear managers say "She doesn't need to go on assertiveness course: she's assertive enough already!" Or we have seen some managers tremble at the thought of their secretary or colleague being on an assertiveness course. Because they think assertive secretaries will mean their own "superiority" will be undermined or the secretary will return to work full of "attitude".

What assertiveness can do for you

Since assertiveness is a different way of thinking, a new way of behaving, and some new frameworks to work with, it opens up a whole new world of options. You will always have choices with assertiveness. Being assertive means having a level of confidence to ask questions, or double check meaning; it means being able to choose how to behave so you don't beat yourself up for something you chose to do; it means taking responsibility for your own actions and facing the consequences, realistically. Ultimately, it makes people at work proactive rather than reactive.

Assertiveness Quick Guides

For tips on improving your assertiveness take a look at our Assertiveness Quick Guide or our Quick Guide to aid you in Delivering an assertive message.

Assertiveness Training Courses

Zee Associates' assertiveness training courses will give you or your staff the confidence to handle situations in a positive manner. By the end of the course participants will be more aware of their own behavioural style; they will know how to project a more positive image of both themselves and their company when dealing with clients; and they will have improved communication skills. Here are a few of our training courses which cover assertiveness: Assertiveness: You're in chargeDeveloping Interpersonal SkillsCoping under Pressure; and Negotiation and assertiveness skills for Secretaries.