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Participant, Baker Tilly

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the course yesterday. You really helped me learn a lot, including about myself. I came into work today with a new outlook on how I want to be and how I want things to be. Thank you very much."

Team Building

As working ratios and therefore secretarial roles change, and as the workplace becomes more diverse it is becoming more and more important for individuals within the workplace to be able to build effective working relationships with each other. If everyone can identify their own style as well as the styles of their colleagues they will be able to develop more effective working relationships.

Everyone in the workplace can benefit from good working relationships, from managers to IT technicians to secretarial and support staff. It is not just for the small teams of people who may work together on a particular project but for the organisation as a whole.

This may be one person's ability to spot when someone is overloaded, and have the confidence and skills to help out. Or it may be that a team member needs to become "sticky" and help to glue the team together by using their communication, advocacy or persuasion skills. Or it may be about empowering individuals to "take the helm" as the need arises. Mainly it is about helping individuals to see themselves as part of the bigger picture and aiming for the same goals as everyone else in that team at that time.

Does size matter?

Teams may be small (two or three people) or they may be larger. But whatever their size, teams need several things to function effectively: a leader, a team spirit; a goal; the appropriate resources; and good communication skills. Using training courses helps teams decide what is missing and what they need to develop more of; it helps teams work out the best way to work in a climate of continuing change. It can also help them iron out, in a safe environment, some of the issues that have been swept under the carpet and which prevent the team from working well together.

Team Building Quick Guides

For team building tips take a look at our Using Team Roles Quick Guide or our Quick Guide to Supervising a Team.

Team Building Courses

Zee Associates' team building courses will improve working relationships between your staff. Here are a few of our training courses which cover team building and working relationships:Developing and Managing Effective TeamsSupervising a Team;Together Everyone Achieves More; and Stress Management: Advanced Team Techniques.