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Participant, Osborne Clarke

I'd like to say what a god send your courses have been to me. I'm certainly thinking more in terms of what it is I do all day, how I can improve and more importantly the future.

Plan Ways To Develop Your Existing Role.

Developing Your Role

Target Audience

All levels of secretarial, administrative and support staff who have reached a plateau in the current role and want to identify other routes and roles within the firm.

Course Objectives

Identify current strengths and weaknesses in the role they have now
Plan ways to develop the existing role
Contribute more to the office team


Presentation, group work, self analysis and structured exercises.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and overview

Defining the role

  • The Job Description
  • Knowledge, Skills and Qualities to succeed
  • Adding value to everyday tasks
  • Creating a professional image

SWOT Analysis

How change affects us

Looking to the future

  • Where do you want to be?
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Using visualisation
  • Overcoming the barriers to progress
  • Networking and secondments
  • Motivating yourself

Gathering the right information

  • What exactly do you do?
  • Selling yourself at appraisals
  • Keeping and using a personal development file

Self development within the role

  • Using mentors and role models
  • What happens when you're not there?
  • Making IT your best friend
  • Volunteer!

An integral part of the management team

  • Using persuasion
  • Negotiating the role
  • Communicating effectively
  • Turning dreams into reality

Action session

  • What will I do now to develop my role?

Summary and close