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Participant, McGrigors

"It was great to have the training sessions off site. I really benefited from the course and will most certainly use the information I gained from it in my day to day job."

Learn The Best Way To Handle Difficult Callers

Handling Difficult Callers

Target Audience

Staff who are experienced at using the telephone. Especially suitable for those who work in high volume conveyancing, personal injury departments, repossessions, insurance claims or call centres and would like techniques to use to manage these calls better.   The course will help participants understand the effect their communication and behaviour has, or could have, on others, and ways of changing their behaviour to achieve a better outcome.

Course Objectives

Choose how to respond in every situation
Use new techniques to control calls
Handle calls with confidence and composure in stressful situations


Presentation, discussion in small and large groups, activities and audio taped roleplay.

Important notes

For staff who have less experience, please see its sister course "Telephone Skills and Behaviour".

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and content

What are the issues that face us?

  • Identifying 'difficult' callers
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do
  • Putting on your personal armour
The impact of your behaviour
  • React or respond?
  • Using a three-step framework
  • Dealing with situations not personalities
Choosing your words 
  • Words to avoid and those to use with care
  • Switching off the auto-pilot
  • Red rags to a bull 

It ain't what you say...

  • Practical solutions to handling client calls
  • Controlling calls
  • Maintaining confidence and composure
  • Dealing with "phone rage"
Action session
What do you need to do differently next time you handle a difficult caller?
Summary and close