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Participant, DMH Stallard

"Back at the office everyone had great fun correcting one another on their phone techniques and now we're naturals!"

Learn How To Improve Secretary / Manager Partnerships

Improving the Working Partnership

Course Ref. 10041
No. of Days 1
Participants 6 to 12

Target Audience

Secretaries and their managers (all levels) who are new to working with each other or who have worked together for some time but would like to review and develop their joint effectiveness. NB: Managers will only need to be involved from lunchtime.

Course Objectives

Develop the role of the secretary and to build on the secretary/manager partnership to ensure maximum effectiveness
Increase understanding of each other's roles
Share ideas of best practice with other managers/secretaries during problem solving syndicates
Jointly plan the way forward to enhance the working partnership



Important notes

It is vital that managers attend from lunchtime until the end of the day.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and overview

Participants' objectives

Roles and responsibilities

The communication-relationship cycle

The current situation (secretaries)

The current situation (managers)

Joint problem solving

Group presentations

The way forward

Action session

Summary and close