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Dawsons LLP, Solicitors

Would you believe that a year on, they are still talking about the proofreading course!

Objections are Good!

Objections are Good!

Course Ref. 10074
No. of Days Half day
Participants 6 to 8

Target Audience

This programme is designed as a refresher for existing salespeople or for those who need more help in this area.

Course Objectives

Why objections are good and welcome them
Why customers raise them
The different types of objections
How to handle objections professionally


Group work, decisions about phrases to use and role-plays.

Important notes

The course will focus on how to overcome typical objections that sales people are faced with.  It will be tailored to incorporate the main objections that your sales people have to handle and give them the words to use when next faced with these objections.  

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and overview

Objections are good!

  • What is an objection?
  • Why do customers raise them?
  • Why are they good?
  • Different types of objections

Handling objections professionally

  • Thank the customer!
  • LACE: four steps for handling objections
  • Techniques including: boomerang; defer; feel; felt; found ...
  • Handling your objections

Action session

Summary and close