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Participant, McGrigors

"Thanks once again - it is great to know we are getting there!!!!!"

Learn How To Be More Effective in Meetings

Participating in Meetings

Course Ref. 10054
No. of Days 1
Participants 6 to 12

Target Audience

Everyone who attends meetings

Course Objectives

Make meetings shorter and more productive. Have clearer guidelines for the preparation and structure of meetings. Apply the skills of leading discussions and group control.


Presentation, discussion, self assessment, individual and group exercises, group roleplay.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and content

Preparing for meetings

  • To meet or not to meet?
  • The importance of meetings as a method of communication
  • Common problems associated with meetings
  • Making sure the timing is right
  • Drawing up an agenda
  • Planning the structure of a meeting
  • Processing the discussion

Handling meeting situations

  • The use of questioning, listening and summarising
  • Handling difficult people and difficult situations
  • Actions to be taken after the meeting

Action session

  • Participants will work on the actions to be put in place following the course

Summary and close