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Participant, Morgan Cole

I really enjoyed the course. It had some excellent points to take forward in my role, and has increased my confidence and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop

Course Ref. 10049
No. of Days 1
Participants 6 to 12

Target Audience

Partners, managers and staff whose role is to plan, manage and monitor projects. Suitable for those new to this responsibility as well as those who need new ideas for Project Management.

Course Objectives

Apply project management techniques to their work
Achieve project outcomes with required quality, on time and to cost
Increase awareness of the Project Manager's role with regard to the project team and its members
Set action plans for implementing this course's content, and continuing self development


Presentation, discussion in small and large groups, exercises, and case study.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and overview

What is a project?

  • Definition and examples of projects
  • Drawing on participants' experiences

What is a good project manager?

  • Setting project management process skills in the overall context of the project
  • Manager's role with regard to the project, the team and its members

The project management process

  • Establishing the iterative process of project definition, planning, monitoring and control, closure and evaluation

Project definition

  • Syndicate and group discussions on the elements to include in project definition and an expansion of those elements, including objective setting, managing expectations, identifying constraints and managing risks

Project planning

  • A step by step approach to planning projects, making use of a simple case study, in syndicate groups. This will include PERT analysis, Gantt charts and resource scheduling

Project monitoring and control

  • Syndicate and group discussion of the elements to monitor in projects, how to monitor them and how to stay in control

Project closure and evaluation

  • Group discussion on the action required to complete the project and ensure that appropriate lessons have been learnt

Action session

  • Final review of the programme and a time to set personal goals for application of the new-found understanding and skills

Summary and close