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Participant, Wragge & Co

Since I have attended your course I have changed quite a few things both personally and professionally. It really made me see life and work in a much different light and people (including my manager) have already said how different I am and how much more professional and relaxed I am. Thank you.

Proofreading: Getting it Right

Proofreading: Getting it Right

Course Ref. 10034
No. of Days 1
Participants 6 to 12

Target Audience

All senior staff who have the responsibility to proofread documents and who also need to edit them.

Course Objectives

Recognise and correct common and grammatical errors often missed when proofreading
Refresh the key points of grammar, punctuation and spelling
Edit and mark up documents correctly and clearly
Strengthen eye muscles and improve concentration using proofreading tests
Practise proofreading skills learned on the course


Presentation, discussion in small and large groups, and practical exercises based on relevant working documents from your firm.

Important notes

Throughout the course, participants will do proofreading tests to strengthen their eye muscles and improve concentration. They will also apply skills they have learnt to work-related proofreading exercises.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and content

Why bother with proofreading?

  • The importance of quality
  • The image portrayed
  • Benefits gained

How to proofread

  • Methods and tips
  • "Hot spots" to look out for
  • Marking up documents for change
  • Editing documents
  • Using standard mark up symbols

Recognising and correcting grammatical errors

  • Wright or rong exercise
  • Identify problems with grammar and punctuation
  • Choice of words
  • Common spelling errors
  • Grammar - using the active voice, sentence length and word order
  • Punctuation surgery - commas, semi-colons, apostrophes and other problems

Action session

Summary and close