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"I would most certainly be interested in attending more of your courses - a thoroughly worthwhile session!

Rapid and Effective Reading

Rapid and Effective Reading

Course Ref. 10032
No. of Days Half day
Participants 6 to 8

Target Audience

All those who need to absorb large amounts of written information quickly but without loss of comprehension.

Course Objectives

Demonstrate a more flexible and positive approach to reading
Increase reading speeds without loss of comprehension
Put into practice skills and techniques to achieve better results when reading


Presentation, group discussion, self assessment of timed reading exercises.

Important notes

This course is not suitable for those who want to learn to read quickly to help improve their proofreading skills!
Throughout the day participants will use a series of graded exercises and time themselves, using stopwatches. This will demonstrate their improvement over the day and pinpoint areas which need further attention.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives, content and method

  • Introductions and personal objectives
  • Initial assessment

What is reading?

  • How do you read?
  • Effective reading
  • Reading speed
  • Problems when reading

Reading rapidly - getting rid of bad habits

  • Excessive regression
  • Visual wandering
  • Subvocalising
  • Increasing eye span

Practical exercises

Reading effectively

  • Improving comprehension - using a four step plan
  • Using reading gears
  • Skimming and scanning

Practical exercises

Final assessment of participants' reading speeds

Action session

Summary and close