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I used to think I was good at grammar, but now ...!! I definitely think it should be rolled out to everyone who has to write anything.

Train the Trainer (Advanced)

Train the Trainer (advanced)

Course Ref. 10022
No. of Days 2
Participants 6 to 10

Target Audience

Trainers with previous experience who may be feeling a little 'stale' and who are seeking to rejuvenate their training delivery.

Course Objectives

Choose new methods of improving outcomes
Feel more confident in using new techniques
Make training events more enjoyable and memorable for participants


Presentation, discussion, group work, video and interactive activities.

Important notes

There are numerous opportunities to present group work and these, together with some group sessions, will be captured on video with constructive feedback given. These tapes are intended to be used as visual course notes for future use: there will be no group viewing of individual videotapes during the course.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Objective setting and course overview

Setting ground rules and contracting

Getting the best out of trainees

  • Creating rapport
  • Holding interest
  • Making learning fun
  • Maintaining interest

Using or withholding your energy

  • Facilitating agreement

Applying a structured approach to games, activities and group work

Practical session

Preparation for day 2

Being creative with learning

  • Simple visioning
  • Moving cards
  • Building body parts

Facilitating groups to learn, make decisions, solve problems or implement projects

Motivating and sustaining the group

Identifying and dealing with conflicts

Individual presentations

Practical sessions

Action session

Summary and close