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Participant, Saffery Champness

This course wasn't just about listening! With the small groups there was lots of participation. Such a great mix of interactive exercises and tutor based discussions.

Train the Trainer (Preliminary)

Train the Trainer (Preliminary)

Course Ref. 10021
No. of Days 2
Participants 6 to 10

Target Audience

All those who need to deliver effective training : in small and large groups.

Course Objectives

Plan and design training events which meet the course objectives
Choose an appropriate activity for the needs of participants
See the improvement in their delivery of training


Presentation, discussion, group work, video and interactive activities.

Important notes

There are numerous opportunities to present group work and these, together with some group sessions, will be captured on video with constructive feedback given. These tapes are intended to be used as visual course notes for future use: there will be no group viewing of individual videotapes during the course.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and content

The training cycle

Analysis of training needs

Setting and writing objectives

How people learn

  • Using learning styles to best effect
  • What learning styles mean for a trainer

Planning and designing training

  • Module, session or programme?
  • Who, What, Why, Where and How?

The tools of the trade

  • Using visual aids
  • Choosing resource material
  • Using games and activities
  • Practical exercises

Personal presentation

  • Preparation and rehearsal
  • Using all the senses
  • Encouraging participation

Training delivery: practical

Preparation for day 2

Review of day 1

Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em!

  • Making messages stick

Handling difficult situations

  • The Victorian
  • The know all
  • The sniper
  • The mouse

Giving and receiving feedback

Individual presentations

Practical sessions

Action session

Summary and close