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Participant, McGrigors

I used to think I was good at grammar, but now ...!! I definitely think it should be rolled out to everyone who has to write anything.

Learn How To Manage Your Workflow More Efficiently

Workflow Management

Course Ref. 10051
No. of Days Half day
Participants 6 to 8

Target Audience

For secretaries, PAs and support staff who need to manage more than one manager; reduce the frustration when dealing with tight deadlines; and become more organised and systematic when planning tasks.

Course Objectives

Identify and eliminate timestealers
Handle interruptions confidently and effectively
Clear the clutter and stay on top of the filing mountain
Juggle the priorities and demands of several people
Select appropriate planning tools for each area of work


Presentation, group work, questionnaires and structured exercises.

Course Contents

Welcome and introductions

Course objectives and overview

Common time problems

  • What wastes your time?
  • Analysing the workload
  • Checking quality standards
  • What can I get rid of?

The three golden rules

Identifying and dealing with

  • Interruptions
  • Clutter


  • Proactive or reactive?
  • Establishing priorities
  • Important -v- urgent -v- ASAP
  • Managing multiple priorities

Getting organised

  • Planning tools
  • Managing others

Back in the real world! (A practical session)

  • The importance of planning
  • Giving and getting deadlines
  • Which one do I do first?
  • What else could help?
  • Getting the buy in to change

Action session

Summary and close