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Management Training Courses

Whether you are already in management, or taking the first steps on the management ladder, these courses will help you gain and improve the skills to manage your people, your tasks and your team.  

23 Courses Found

Business Writing

Plan and Structure Writing Using a Systematic Approach

Recommended for those who need to prepare concise and effective correspondence, memos and short reports: either alone or for managers.

Conducting Effective Appraisals

Learn How to Conduct Effective Appraisals

Recommended for those who need to conduct appraisals of staff and team members.

Creative Problem Solving

Learn How to Introduce Systematic Approaches to Problem Solving.

recommended for those who manage creative teams; those who facilitate group work; those wishing to learn new techniques to enliven team or training events.

Developing and Managing Effective Teams

Learn How To Develop and Manage Teams Effectively

Learn how to develop and manage effective teams.

Dictation Techniques

Dictation Techniques

This course is often run in conjunction with Working with Support Staff as part of the trainee/graduate induction.

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette Training Course

Learn how to write emails that have the impact you want.

Effective Interviewing Skills

Learn How To Interview Effectively

The focus of this course is on practical interviewing skills on a face-to-face basis, from preparation of a person specification to selection of the final candidate.

Effective Use of Time

Learn The Best Way To Manage Your Time Effectively

Learn how to analyse how you use your time now and to decide how to use it more cost and time efficiently.

Extending the Co-ordinator's Role

Learn How To Effectively Extend The Co-ordinator's Role

Suitable for co-ordinators and administrative team leaders who are new to the role of supervising and managing others and who will be doing this in conjunction with a secretarial or administrative role.

Grammar Workshop

Grammar Workshop

An intensive programme designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prepare grammatically correct written documents.

Improving the Working Partnership

Learn How To Improve Secretary / Manager Partnerships

Learn how to develop the role of the secretary and to build on the secretary/manager partnership to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Making The Most of Appraisals

Learn How To Make The Most of Appraisals

Suitable for: Staff who may not fully appreciate how useful appraisals are and who want to use their appraisal process to their best advantage.

Time Management: Management of You, Your Time and Others

Time Management: Management of You, Your Time and Others

Learn how to analyse how you use your time now and how to use it more cost and time efficiently.

Participating in Meetings

Learn How To Be More Effective in Meetings

Make meetings shorter and more productive.
Have clearer guidelines for the preparation and structure of meetings.
Apply the skills of leading discussions and group control.

Performance Management for Team Leaders

Performance Management Training

Performance management training for team leaders.

Presentation Skills

Learn Effective Presentation Skills

This programme is intended for all those who need to address meetings or make public presentations, internally or externally.

Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop

Apply project management techniques to work.
Achieve project outcomes with required quality, on time and to cost.

Proofreading: Getting it Right

Proofreading: Getting it Right

Recognise and correct common and grammatical errors often missed when proofreading.

Rapid and Effective Reading

Rapid and Effective Reading

Demonstrate a more flexible and positive approach to reading.
Increase reading speeds without loss of comprehension.

Stress Management: Advanced Team Techniques

Learn Advanced Stress Management Team Techniques

Identify inappropriate behaviour within teams.
Learn and use coping skills and practical solutions.

Supervising a Team

Learn How To Supervise a Team More Effectively

Improve confidence to deal with new responsibilities and tasks.
Empower and motivate staff members.

Taking Notes at Meetings

Learn How To Take Effective Notes at Meetings

Prepare more efficiently to take notes.
Take notes by identifying key points.

Working with Support Staff

Learn How To Work with Support Staff More Efficiently

Better understand the role and responsibilities of secretaries and support staff.
Plan workloads and schedules effectively.
Begin the process of working effectively as a team.