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Participant, Saffery Champness

Professional Writing Skills: Probably one of the most useful courses I have ever been on - all letter writing staff should attend!

Communication Skills: The Spoken Word

If it is important to have your verbal and non-verbal messages understood as you intend them (from making presentations to conducting disciplinary meetings), these courses will provide you with new ways to improve your professional impact.

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Assertiveness Training: You're In Charge!

Improve Awareness of the Importance of Non-Verbal Behaviour in Aiding Assertiveness

Know whether they are naturally assertive, aggressive or non-assertive.

Creating Images with the Voice

Learn How To Create Effective Images With Your Voice

Suitable for anyone who wishes to identify new ways to create positive impressions of themselves and their firm

Dictation Techniques

Dictation Techniques

This course is often run in conjunction with Working with Support Staff as part of the trainee/graduate induction.

Effective Interviewing Skills

Learn How To Interview Effectively

The focus of this course is on practical interviewing skills on a face-to-face basis, from preparation of a person specification to selection of the final candidate.

Handling Difficult Callers

Learn The Best Way To Handle Difficult Callers

Choose how to respond in every situation.
Use new techniques to control calls.
Handle calls with confidence and composure in stressful situations.

Improving Personal Effectiveness

Learn How To Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

Learn how to adopt a confident, professional and appropriate behaviour style when faced with difficult people or situations.

Introduction to Selling Skills

Introduction to Selling Skills

This intensive and fully interactive programme is designed for those new to selling.

Managing Your Manager

Learn How To Effectively Manage Your Manager

Become an integral part of the management team.
Boost confidence through improved personal effectiveness.

Negotiation and Assertiveness Skills for Secretaries

Negotiation And Assertiveness Skills Training For Secretaries

Deal more effectively with work situations they find difficult.
Know how to choose which behaviour to use in every situation.

Objections are Good!

Objections are Good!

This programme is designed as a refresher for existing salespeople or for those who need more help in this area.

Sales Refresher Course

Sales Refresher Course

This programme is designed for sales people who have been selling for at least a year and who need to revisit and refresh good sales practices.

Telephone Skills and Behaviour

Learn How To Improve Your Telephone Skills

Create a positive first impression of themselves and their firm at the telephone.
Know the firm's procedures and protocols for handling telephone calls.

The Professional Receptionist

The Professional Receptionist

Create a more professional image of your company.
Use improved communication skills to produce positive results.