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Participant, BDO Stoy Hayward

This course was brilliant and I would have liked it to be longer, as not at any point did I glaze over!

Personal Development Courses

Whatever your role or job title, personal development is key: from coping under pressure to developing new skills in a new role, or improving your confidence to take on new responsibilities. This range of Personal Development courses provides ways to help you improve performance and motivation.

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Agendas and Minutes

Prepare More Efficiently to Take Minutes

Ideal training course for those who need to prepare agendas as well as take minutes at meetings.

Assertiveness Training: You're In Charge!

Improve Awareness of the Importance of Non-Verbal Behaviour in Aiding Assertiveness

Know whether they are naturally assertive, aggressive or non-assertive.

Coping Under Pressure

Learn How To Effectively Cope Under Pressure

The focus of this course is on the prevention of stress and how to manage it effectively.

Dealing Professionally with Clients

Learn How To Deal With Clients Professionally

Choose strategies and behaviours to deal with challenging situations in the workplace.

Developing Interpersonal Skills

Learn How To Develop Your Interpersonal Skills

Identify how behaviour affects other people.
Apply new techniques to work situations.
Handle potentially volatile situations with confidence.

Developing Your Role

Plan Ways To Develop Your Existing Role.

Learn how to identify your current strengths and weaknesses.
Plan ways to develop your existing role.
Contribute more to the office team.

Dictation Techniques

Dictation Techniques

This course is often run in conjunction with Working with Support Staff as part of the trainee/graduate induction.

Effective Use of Time

Learn The Best Way To Manage Your Time Effectively

Learn how to analyse how you use your time now and to decide how to use it more cost and time efficiently.

Handling Difficult Callers

Learn The Best Way To Handle Difficult Callers

Choose how to respond in every situation.
Use new techniques to control calls.
Handle calls with confidence and composure in stressful situations.

Introduction to Selling Skills

Introduction to Selling Skills

This intensive and fully interactive programme is designed for those new to selling.

Making The Most of Appraisals

Learn How To Make The Most of Appraisals

Suitable for: Staff who may not fully appreciate how useful appraisals are and who want to use their appraisal process to their best advantage.

Time Management: Management of You, Your Time and Others

Time Management: Management of You, Your Time and Others

Learn how to analyse how you use your time now and how to use it more cost and time efficiently.

Managing Your Manager

Learn How To Effectively Manage Your Manager

Become an integral part of the management team.
Boost confidence through improved personal effectiveness.

Negotiation and Assertiveness Skills for Secretaries

Negotiation And Assertiveness Skills Training For Secretaries

Deal more effectively with work situations they find difficult.
Know how to choose which behaviour to use in every situation.

Objections are Good!

Objections are Good!

This programme is designed as a refresher for existing salespeople or for those who need more help in this area.

Participating in Meetings

Learn How To Be More Effective in Meetings

Make meetings shorter and more productive.
Have clearer guidelines for the preparation and structure of meetings.
Apply the skills of leading discussions and group control.

Practical Marketing Skills for Secretaries and Administrators

Practical Marketing Skills for Secretaries and Administrators

This course covers how to:
Discuss marketing ideas confidently and professionally with fee-earners and marketing professionals.
Play an active part in developing and implementing marketing programmes.
Provide support to fee earners in a variety of marketing, selling and client development situations.

Presentation Skills

Learn Effective Presentation Skills

This programme is intended for all those who need to address meetings or make public presentations, internally or externally.

Presenting in Meetings

Presenting in Meetings

Prepare and structure concise notes.
Deliver positive and effective presentations.
Handle questions confidently.

Rapid and Effective Reading

Rapid and Effective Reading

Demonstrate a more flexible and positive approach to reading.
Increase reading speeds without loss of comprehension.

Sales Refresher Course

Sales Refresher Course

This programme is designed for sales people who have been selling for at least a year and who need to revisit and refresh good sales practices.

The Proactive Secretary

The Proactive Secretary

Anticipate the needs of the team.
Improve the support provided to others through better planning.

The Successful Secretary

Learn How To Be a Successful Secretary

Identify the role and qualities to become more effective.
Communicate assertively with colleagues at all levels.

Workflow Management

Learn How To Manage Your Workflow More Efficiently

For secretaries, PAs and support staff who need to manage more than one manager; reduce the frustration when dealing with tight deadlines; and become more organised and systematic when planning tasks.

Working with Support Staff

Learn How To Work with Support Staff More Efficiently

Better understand the role and responsibilities of secretaries and support staff.
Plan workloads and schedules effectively.
Begin the process of working effectively as a team.