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Participant, S J Berwin

I thought the trainer great. The content was straightforward, succinct and exactly what we need to give our managers - the basic tools to do the job and be a good manager. I thought the programme did exactly what we aimed to do.

Secretarial and Support Staff Courses

While all of our courses are designed with the needs of the participants in mind, this range of courses has been created and designed for the unique needs of secretarial and support staff.  This is a motivational and inspirational selection of skills and role development programmes.

37 Courses Found

Agendas and Minutes

Prepare More Efficiently to Take Minutes

Ideal training course for those who need to prepare agendas as well as take minutes at meetings.

Business Writing

Plan and Structure Writing Using a Systematic Approach

Recommended for those who need to prepare concise and effective correspondence, memos and short reports: either alone or for managers.

Caring for Clients

Learn What Client Care Means and its Importance

Recommended for those who want to improve the level of service provided, particularly when meeting clients face to face.

Client Care Workshop

Introductory Overview of all Areas of Client Care

This is a short introductory overview of all areas of client care. For more in-depth treatment of the subject, see related courses.

Coping Under Pressure

Learn How To Effectively Cope Under Pressure

The focus of this course is on the prevention of stress and how to manage it effectively.

Creating Images with the Voice

Learn How To Create Effective Images With Your Voice

Suitable for anyone who wishes to identify new ways to create positive impressions of themselves and their firm

Developing Your Role

Plan Ways To Develop Your Existing Role.

Learn how to identify your current strengths and weaknesses.
Plan ways to develop your existing role.
Contribute more to the office team.

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette Training Course

Learn how to write emails that have the impact you want.

Effective Use of Time

Learn The Best Way To Manage Your Time Effectively

Learn how to analyse how you use your time now and to decide how to use it more cost and time efficiently.

Extending the Co-ordinator's Role

Learn How To Effectively Extend The Co-ordinator's Role

Suitable for co-ordinators and administrative team leaders who are new to the role of supervising and managing others and who will be doing this in conjunction with a secretarial or administrative role.

Grammar Workshop

Grammar Workshop

An intensive programme designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prepare grammatically correct written documents.

Handling Difficult Callers

Learn The Best Way To Handle Difficult Callers

Choose how to respond in every situation.
Use new techniques to control calls.
Handle calls with confidence and composure in stressful situations.

Improving Personal Effectiveness

Learn How To Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

Learn how to adopt a confident, professional and appropriate behaviour style when faced with difficult people or situations.

Improving the Working Partnership

Learn How To Improve Secretary / Manager Partnerships

Learn how to develop the role of the secretary and to build on the secretary/manager partnership to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Making The Most of Appraisals

Learn How To Make The Most of Appraisals

Suitable for: Staff who may not fully appreciate how useful appraisals are and who want to use their appraisal process to their best advantage.

Time Management: Management of You, Your Time and Others

Time Management: Management of You, Your Time and Others

Learn how to analyse how you use your time now and how to use it more cost and time efficiently.

Manager/Secretary : Working Together

Manager/Secretary: Working Together

Understand each other's roles within the firm.
Improve efficiency of working practices, for mutual benefit.
Enhance the working relationship through better communication methods.

Managing Your Manager

Learn How To Effectively Manage Your Manager

Become an integral part of the management team.
Boost confidence through improved personal effectiveness.

Meeting Client Expectations

Learn The Most Effective Way To Meet Client Expectations

Identify new ways to create positive impressions of themselves and their firm.
Consider the service currently provided to clients.
Know the firm's procedure and protocols for handling telephone calls.
Deal effectively with all clients (internal and external).

Negotiation and Assertiveness Skills for Secretaries

Negotiation And Assertiveness Skills Training For Secretaries

Deal more effectively with work situations they find difficult.
Know how to choose which behaviour to use in every situation.

Practical Marketing Skills for Secretaries and Administrators

Practical Marketing Skills for Secretaries and Administrators

This course covers how to:
Discuss marketing ideas confidently and professionally with fee-earners and marketing professionals.
Play an active part in developing and implementing marketing programmes.
Provide support to fee earners in a variety of marketing, selling and client development situations.

Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop

Apply project management techniques to work.
Achieve project outcomes with required quality, on time and to cost.

Proofreading Skills

Proofreading Skills

Learn how to recognise common errors often missed when proofreading.
Know how to mark up documents correctly and clearly using a marking up system.
Have refreshed the key points of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Supervising a Team

Learn How To Supervise a Team More Effectively

Improve confidence to deal with new responsibilities and tasks.
Empower and motivate staff members.

Taking and Writing Minutes

Learn How To Take and Write Minutes More Effectively

Understand what common problems exist for minute takers.
Create an efficient working relationship with the Chair.
Understand the purpose of minutes.

Taking Notes at Meetings

Learn How To Take Effective Notes at Meetings

Prepare more efficiently to take notes.
Take notes by identifying key points.

Telephone Skills and Behaviour

Learn How To Improve Your Telephone Skills

Create a positive first impression of themselves and their firm at the telephone.
Know the firm's procedures and protocols for handling telephone calls.

The Bigger Picture

Learn How To See The Bigger Picture

This course helps participants seize the opportunities that changes within the firm and to working practices will bring by providing skills and behaviours to boost confidence for the future.

The Proactive Secretary

The Proactive Secretary

Anticipate the needs of the team.
Improve the support provided to others through better planning.

The Professional Receptionist

The Professional Receptionist

Create a more professional image of your company.
Use improved communication skills to produce positive results.

The Successful Secretary

Learn How To Be a Successful Secretary

Identify the role and qualities to become more effective.
Communicate assertively with colleagues at all levels.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Together Everyone Achieves More

Develop team working capabilities.
Recognise different perspectives when working in teams.
Improve motivation when working in teams.

Train the Trainer (advanced)

Train the Trainer (Advanced)

Choose new methods of improving outcomes.
Feel more confident in using new techniques.
Make training events more enjoyable and memorable for participants.

Train the Trainer (Preliminary)

Train the Trainer (Preliminary)

Plan and design training events which meet the course objectives.
Choose an appropriate activity for the needs of participants.

Training the IT Trainer

Learn How To Effectively Train The IT Trainer

Design and run effective IT instructional programmes.
Assess training needs and write competent objectives.
Prepare user documentation.

VDU Health & Safety for the User

VDU Health & Safety for the User

Recognise the potential Health and Safety discomforts associated with the long term use of visual displays.
Recognise the onset of potential discomforts before they become serious.

Workflow Management

Learn How To Manage Your Workflow More Efficiently

For secretaries, PAs and support staff who need to manage more than one manager; reduce the frustration when dealing with tight deadlines; and become more organised and systematic when planning tasks.